Therapies for Skin Problems

Exfoliating your skin and activate the blood circulation without harming the fine capillaries with Ubtan Therapy at Birla Ayurveda


Duration: 50 minutes

Ubtan therapy enhances beauty, and also provides definite medicinal values by virtue of its antifungal, antibacterial, antiperspirant, deodorant & skin-toning properties. Surrender to the magic of this radiance revealing treatment formulated with flowers, nuts, lentils, sandalwood, turmeric, oils etc. This is ground to a smooth paste mixed with full cream milk & applied by the therapist giving your skin a luminous glow.

BENEFITS: Gentle and exfoliating, Ubtan therapy activates the blood circulation without harming the fine capillaries, leaving skin soft, silky and smooth..


Duration: 45 minutes

A therapy with ayurvedic oils for the whole body is done in the first phase of this treatment. This is followed by therapy with warm rice (medicinal rice, Navara) bags dipped in milk and herbal decoction.

BENEFITS: This treatment nourishes tissues, softens and moisturizes the skin, enhances complexion, strengthens body muscles and cures the stiffness of the joints.

Nourish tissues, strengthen body muscles and cure the stiffness of the joints with Authentic Ayurvedic Therapy - Navarakizhi at Birla Ayurveda

Nirvana helps in improving health of your hair, de-stressing and relaxing stiff muscles


Duration: 45 minutes

Nirvana is a total relaxing ritual with a harmonious blend of oil bath therapy, Shirodhara and herbal face pack. This special treatment begins with a full body therapy with various rhythmic therapy strokes. A stream of lukewarm oil on your forehead whisks you away to a world of true bliss. Nirvana includes an utterly relaxing facial as the final stage.

BENEFITS: Improves health of your hair, de-stresses, relaxes stiff muscles, tones the body, restores the natural luminosity of complexion, revitalizes tired and dull skin, ultimately leading to a smoother, silkier body


Duration: 45 minutes

Let the ancient tradition of Ayurveda calm your mind, as we cleanse and balance the skin. This utterly relaxing facial will soothe your senses, while treating skin with a blend of essential oils. This includes a cleansing, steaming, face therapy rituals and face pack. Various oils /creams and face packs are used according to the skin type, Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Best and Ayurvedic Facial at Birla Ayurveda

Authentic Ayurveda Herb Mask at Birla Ayurveda, Thane

Herb Mask

Duration: 30 minutes

For pigmentations, scars & wrinkles on the face / neck / breasts / stomach / hands / legs.

Medicines or Remedies for Skin Problems

Only after the examination by our doctors, we can help you with the Medicines, Home Remedies or Therapies required for Skin Problems. Visit our centre today to consult with our Doctor.